Governance Systems and Risk Management

Governance is a critical component of your business as it ensures you comply with regulation, develop essential procedures and meet your reporting requirements. Governance can also help you to maximise performance and create a more effective work culture. We show you how to achieve this.

In a family business, there are three levels of governance. Corporate governance relates to your business structure, regulatory compliance, management policies and reporting frameworks. Operational governance covers operating procedures, staff roles and responsibilities and processes for monitoring, measuring and improving performance. Values governance relates to the values your organsition is built upon and stands for – essential in a family business.

If your governance systems are not aligned or suited to your resources or current strategy, you will stifle performance and productivity in your organisation. Poor governance and alignment can also become very expensive and time consuming.

We ensure your three levels of governance are aligned and tailored to your available resources and strategy. This allows you to reduce inefficiencies and operate more effectively.

The TCB Solutions Family Business governance framework incorporates;

  • Values
  • Strategy
  • Structures and associated agreements
  • Policies, procedures and processes
  • Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Reporting, monitoring and review
  • Evaluation

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