Family Business Continuity

Are you considering passing ownership of your business to the next generation but not sure where to start? Or are you the potential new owner of a family business looking to start the transition process? Perhaps your family business has grown to the point it now needs strategic advice or assistance resolving disputes?

TCB Solutions is an Australian leader in family business succession and consulting, providing unique skills that go above and beyond the work offered by other business consultants, lawyers or accountants. We ensure all key elements of your current success are effectively preserved and developed by your new owners. This includes not only your accounting and legal infrastructure, but also your work culture, practices and critical relationships.

We guide you through the complex and emotionally charged process of family business succession and ensure that your family comes together as individuals and business people.

With people living longer, facing more career options and competition and with each family business being unique, it’s important that you have a clear succession plan that is tailored to your business. This ensures that all stakeholders including current and new owners work together effectively to ensure a successful transition and commercial future. We help you create and execute that plan.

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