Protect and Grow Your Family Business

As Australia’s leading family business consultancy, we can help guide you through the challenges you face and see your family business transition successfully and grow.

We help family businesses to improve performance, address managerial problems and deliver effective transitions between generations or to new owners.


Genuine interest. Practical advice.

Through listening and understanding your unique situation, we can offer practical advice that is straight-to-the-point, easy to follow and genuinely useful in moving to the next stages of your business.

TCB can assist with all of your family business needs including:

  • Family business continuity
  • Succession planning (transferring to the next generation)
  • Estate planning (transfer on death).


There is no one-size-fits-all

We understand that every family business comes with it’s own unique history, personalities and strengths. That’s why we work with each family to ensure their family business continuity is an ongoing journey that:

  • captures family history and legacy from generations past
  • facilitates growth and development of the business
  • improves resilience of the family members
  • enables business to evolve and innovate to align with the wider business environment.


Protecting your business on paper

To successfully achieve your goals and protect your business now and in the future, it is essential that you have the correct structure and documentation. TCB can help to ensure it’s all there in black and white and formally recognised.


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Overview of Services

By understanding your unique situation we can identify where you need assistance and how our services can help. We find the easiest way is to sit down for an initial meeting or coffee and talk about where you are now and where you need/would like to go.


Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation about how we can help your family business.

  • Jonathan Watts, Watts Pastoral Co

    As an agricultural family business we gain insights from Lloyd and his team from other industries such as manufacturing, mining and resources, import / export wholesalers and international clients.

    The entire Watts family have no hesitation in recommending Lloyd, Julie and the TCB Solutions team as family business succession and strategic business consultants.

  • Gerry Metekingi-Hooper, MME Pty Ltd

    Coming into a new industry, Lloyd and his team at TCB Solutions just seemed to understand their strengths and stuck to these.

    Their ability to work with others took so much pressure of myself as Managing Director and Founder, my family and the operational group that we could get on with what we were good at.

  • Richard Myles-Whittington, WW Souvenirs Gifts and Homewares

    Lloyd Russell has been working with our family business for over three years and he is now a valued external partner who keeps us focused on the real drivers of the business.

    Linda and I wholeheartedly recommend Lloyd and his TCB Solutions team to family businesses that are seeking to undertake family succession and innovative business improvement.

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